“You have to start somewhere. . .”

Welcome to “my mane addiction”, here you will be inspired for your next hairstyle change. Promising to keep you up-to-date with the latest hair trends strand by strand. Show you what is happening around the world with hair and I will introduce you to some fellow industry leaders. Get ready for me to take you on an exciting journey that even the bald guy sitting in the corner admiring your beauty at the bar while you sip your Espresso Martini, wants to be apart of…

From learning how to design and sew garments since I was eight years old and entering five years of the Teenager Fashion Awards with my designs during high school years, to crossing my fingers in the hope of attending University to study either Fine Arts or Psychology. One day in 1998, my paths became faint and reality set in. I’m no Virginia Satir, nor am I the next Andy Warhol. Although I do admire and appreciate their arts. What is my purpose in life? I was sixteen years old, sitting on the ledge at the Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy, throwing a silver coin over my shoulder making a wish to have the opportunity to do what I love for the rest of my life… Well let’s face it, to this day (years later)… my journey to present, where I am able to be “hands on” creative, listen to people and make a difference, has been beyond amazing so far. . .

“You have to start somewhere…” is what I heard from the back room, while I shoveled the inches of dead ends from what looked to be similar to a clipped sheep into the rubbish bin. Ohhh… that smell, dry reachable is the only way to put into words! This was the highlight within the first few hours at the salon that I first set foot in to do work experience with.

June this year, 2015 I entered my 18th year within the Hair and Beauty Industry. I am extremely lucky enough to have traveled the World with my scissors (also millions and millions of bobby pins along the way too). To date, I have have… QUOTE … “Met some of THE most AMAZING HUMANS along the way, so far”.¬† Being a hairdresser, It is such a personal and rewarding career that you have the opportunity to meet and interact with all walks of life. The only category that I will ever place you in, is purely based on the strands of your hair.

It all began in a number of salons doing work experience, followed with night training in a boutique salon in King St, Perth, Western Australia. This crazy man soon became my Mentor. (I will introduce you soon). I appreciate your efforts so much. (I know you are aware of this already. I would not be where I am today with out your support). I completed year 12, then I started my four years of hairdressing apprenticeship in an up-market salon West End of Fremantle, Western Australia. I completed half my of my four years there. I then moved to a salon in Dalkeith to complete the rest of my apprenticeship.

After completing my hairdressing apprenticeship in Western Australia, I woke up one day curious to how big the world really is, how wonderful it would be for the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and learn from the best of the best within this wonderful Hair Industry.

I quit my job, three hundred dollars in my bank account, no house to move into, no job, one friend and a one way ticket, I moved from Perth, Western Australia to the wonderful and promising city of Melbourne, Victoria.

This was the first and biggest step I took to start my seven years of traveling and lots of dreams to soon conquer. I found a nice enough mattress on my friends living room floor and became best friends with his cat, Joel. Joel and I planned each day together where I was to hand out my resume and who I wanted to work for. Blisters on my feet from walking for kilometers on end and countless times I hopped onto the wrong tram, to end up who knows where. It was tough, lonely at times but every minute was worth it. Finding my big girl pants because this is growing and becoming independent day by day. One interview on Collins St in Melbourne City stood out. The owner asked what I wanted to do with hair. I mentioned how much I wanted to do hair for magazines and eventually travel a little more. He replied, “You have starry eyes, it’s impossible because its not real work”. To be fair… I didn’t work with him although it was the best interview that I attended. Determined to “make it”, to prove him wrong. That was the fuel that I needed to make my blisters seem worth it. Soon enough I found a little place to call home and found a salon to settle into and grow. Traveling one hour and twenty minutes each way. I attended a lot of training.. . days and nights… weekends too. I was soon to learn that dedication and passion do not have a bed time. I was happy to spend time working and experiencing life in Melbourne. I landed a lot of opportunities and very appreciative for every single one. I entered the beauty industry professionally also in hair shows, American Crew, Instant Rock Star, Magazine work, Photo shoots, Nine network and with an amazing list of elite clientele. (Professional sportsmen, Forensic Investigators, Lawyers, Authors, Famous Singers and Musicians, Actors and the list goes on). I also got to travel for recreational purposes to New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji while based on the East Coast of Australia.

My time to move on saw me in move to Sydney and Queensland before applying for a new direction which will base me in London then onto the Cruise lines, throughout the world. This was a life I never expected. One ship made up representatives for at least one hundred and forty five different nationalities, this was overwhelming to say the least. Traveling the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas. Learning Spanish, Afrikaans, Filipino and many more languages. Language and Cultural differences / barriers were challenging at times but also very rewarding at other times. There was a lot to learn and personal development skills to gain. Visiting little islands that I never knew existed whilst tasting different tequilas, I also never knew existed. Big cities, tourist spots and yummy cultural foods to taste worldwide. Fifteen hour working days, endless days of port manning, Embarkation and Disembarkation days along with boat drills. The friendships you make on a ship where the land is not within human view, is defiantly for life. Job offers on daily basis, accommodation offers around the world and the guests who you get to meet when they cruise,  priceless.

I have been honored to assist numerous amounts of weddings held around the world. Made my way styling, shaving, cut and colouring men and women’s hair within South America, USA and Canada, also found lots of hair to cut and colour in Europe too. Working and training with industry leaders and meeting so many creatives within the hairdressing industry is truly inspirational.

Turkey taught me new techniques in straight blade shaving for the males, Greece, France, Italy and Switzerland  showed me the European hair trends. I headed back to the UK for more training and attended a course in Make Up. A pit stop in the Spanish Islands for a photo shoot. Stopped in Asia before landing on home soil in Australia. Honestly, I have never have I had to leave my heart in so many places (or excess luggage fees and fights in how much a comb is sentimental value therefore, airport security must let me on the plane with it). I am glad to share my dreams of traveling, cutting, colouring and styling wedding and event hair all over the world for all walks of life and it has definitely taught me that each client is unique from their lifestyle, personality and image and so much more I can learn from whom is in my sitting in my chair.

Six years so far owning my own business, flying between Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, hair styling for magazines, fashion and charity events, photo shoots and further industry training. (You will be happy to know that I also put together a dvd, to show the owner of the salon on Collins St, all I had achieved so far. Surprisingly, I did get offered a position but unfortunately a full time job working for someone who didn’t believe in me was not on my list.)

I am now qualified to teach and train hair, one on one, group in salon training, customized programs all the way to full apprenticeships. I see the chance to mentor the next generation who have the passion and “starry eyes” too.

I am based in a beautiful salon in North Fremantle a couple days a week and accepting new clients.

My side project is to set up some programs with others within the industry to pass on skills and to give back to the community.

I would love to take each one of you with me on the the rest of this journey, because after all… it is …

my mane addiction xo